Easy DIY Twig Tree

Easy DIY Twig Tree

We love any excuse to decorate our house, so when our Felt So Good decorations arrived we knew we had a find a fun way to display them in our living room. Scroll down to see how we whipped up this super quick twig tree.

DIY tree make from twigs to hang seasonal decorations on


what you need to make this diy twig tree

cut you twigs to the size and fit inside your glass bottle

Hang your felt decorations on to your twig tree

Hang your felt decorations on your twig tree

Display your twig tree in your home


  • A selection of twigs from your garden.
  • Gardening shears
  • A glass bottle or vase
  • Felt decorations, we used Carrots, Easter Eggs and a Chicklet

Don't worry if you're not big on DIY, this is the easiest one ever and it's a fun activity to get the kids involved with!

First, start by heading into your garden or nearest park and find a good selection of twigs. You want to get ones with a range of different sized branches and notches on them. 

Once you have your twigs, use gardening shears to cut them to the correct height to fit inside your bottle or vase, if you haven't got shears then kitchen scissors will cut through smaller branches. Sometimes, less is more here! We only used three twigs in our twig tree and it gave us loads of space to hang the decorations.

Place your twigs into your bottle or vase and let the kids decorate however they see fit. Please bear in mind that we are using Felt So Good decorations here, not toys, and these should not be handled by anyone under 3 years old. 

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