Hand dyed paper hearts for DIY Valentines Day wall hanging

Make a Valentines Day Wall Hanging

Do you like to decorate for the holidays? Even the cheesy ones like Valentines Day? Well you have come to the right place, we love any excuse to decorate our house, but there is no need to splash the cash when you can make your own with some basic household items. Plus the kids love a craft day, so get them involved and have some fun with it.

Boho inspired DIY Valentines Day wall hanging

This boho inspired wall hanging is made using paper dyed from food colours and shaving foam. It's a bit of a messy DIY but it's great fun to get the kids involved with dyeing the paper.

Everything you need for this DIY, paper, food colouring, shaving foam, twine and a wooden dowel

What you will need for this DIY

  • Paper: We used a mixture of white and brown craft paper
  • Food colouring: We mixed up gel food colouring in old yoghurt pots with a little water
  • Shaving foam
  • Twine: Best to have a ball to hand so that you can cut the correct amount to fit your own design.
  • Wooden dowel: You can use a stick that you have foraged from your garden but we just happened to have a dowel, so we used that.
  • Pencil: To draw your heart shapes with. We used our wooden heart craft shapes as stencils but you can just draw your own.
  • Syringe: This is an optional extra but we found our old Calpol syringes to be super useful for the kids to spray the food colouring on to the foam with. You could also use a spoon or just pour the colouring on.
  • Baking tray
  • Scissors
Line your baking tray with a coating of shaving foam, ensuring the whole surface area is covered
Use the syringe to snappy food colouring over the shaving foam
Use a spoon to lightly mix your foam into a swirly pattern

Spray a layer of foam into your baking tray, ensuring that the whole surface is coated. Next, add food colouring to your foam and lightly mix with a spoon to create a swirling pattern.

Place you blank paper on top of the coloured foam and lightly press down
Lift the paper off of the foam and leave it to dry

Place your blank paper on top of your foam and lightly press down. The key here is to make sure the whole paper is covered but not to press so hard that large amounts of foam sticks to it. 

Once your paper is coated, lift it off in an upwards motion, do not pull the paper through the foam in one direction as too much foam will stick to the paper. We tried this a couple of ways and found that lifting it directly off worked best for us.

Once your dyed paper is dry, draw your hearts on to the paper
Cut your heart shapes out of your paper
Plan out your heart design and cut your twine accordingly
Fold the heart down the centre and cut a small hole at the top so you can feed your twine through it

Once your paper has dried, draw your heart shapes on and cut them out. Our design calls for 3 large, 4 medium and 12 small hearts. Lay your heart arrangement out on a table with your dowel so you can see how it will look. Once you have decided on the placement of your hearts, cut enough twine to fit your design. 

Fold each heart down the centre and cut a small hole at the top, then thread your twine through from the front to the back. Once you have your hearts laced on to your twine, tie them to your dowel and create a handle by tying another piece of twine to each end of your dowel.

Finished DIY hand dyed Valentines day wall hanging
close up of the hand dyed heart paper for the Valentines day wall hanging


When you have finished all of these steps, you should have something that looks like this. If you try this DIY out, don't forget to tag us @myweefolk so that we can see your beautiful creations.