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Mix Up - Colour Surprise Yay-dough

My Wee Folk

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Our Mix up, colour surprise Yay-doiugh has been created as a way to combat waste. Each one is unique in colour and is made up with a combination of colour samples and excessive dough that has been left over from large batch orders.

Mix up colours are the same beautiful quality as our regular dough, the only difference is their unique colours.

As these are made up from samples and excess stock, you may receive a different colour from our example photos.


Colour: Random

Net weight: 260g 

Packaging: Screw top aluminium tin and biodegradable paper sticker



Yay-dough might look delicious but it is not suitable for human consumption and should not be given to children under the age of 3. Yay-dough is made from white WHEAT flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil and food colouring.

Although nuts and sesame are not ingredients in our products, Yay-dough is produced in an environment where they might be present.


Yay-dough should be stored in the airtight aluminium tin that is provided. If kept in a cool place and out of direct sunlight then it can last between 3-6 months, however we recommend using your dough within the first month of receiving it and playing with it regularly to keep it at it's best. Salt crystals may form on the top of the Yay-dough but that is completely normal, simply give the dough a knead and they will go. If your Yay-dough starts to dry out, add a drop of oil and knead to restore it.